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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Client authorizes Redd Litty Getaways (RLG) to act as a consultant on an as needed basis for travels related to and for RLG. Client understands that suppliers used during RLG travel are responsible for providing the travel services purchased. Client consents to and requests the use of those suppliers while in travel with RLG. Client accepts that Redd Litty Getaways is NOT responsible for, nor will client attempt to hold it liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered for any conditions, actions or omissions that are beyond the reasonable control of Redd Litty Getaways, Jason Tanner, and/or RLG affiliates. Redd Litty Getaways warrants and declares that every effort will be made to provide the best prices available for the travel that you request. In the unlikely event that a catastrophic situation should occur to redirect or reschedule your travel plans and the supplier is unable to provide RLG or Client with the agreed upon travel services and/or products, Redd Litty Getaways, Jason Tanner, and/or and RLG affiliates are not responsible for any other damages, emotional or otherwise.

Client understands that if traveling internationally, all persons must have a valid passport book. Client understands that a passport card is not valid for air travel. Depending on destination and the origin of client passport, guests may need to obtain a visa. Proof of citizenship is required for travel outside the United States.

Redd Litty Getaways will advise client of the supplier’s refund, change, and cancellation fees and penalties on an as needed basis.

Client may contact Redd Litty Getaways with any questions at any time during business hours.

Client agrees with the above terms and conditions and appoints Redd Litty Getaways to research and facilitate vacation plans. Client understands that all fees and deposits are nonrefundable. Client understands that any fees or deposits refunded will only be at the result of travel cancellations and is left to the discretion of Jason Tanner.